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Life is truly unpredictable and these cute chicks had to get used to it! What would you do if you had to face a thief at home? Panic, try to hide or escape? What if that thief is a cute, sexually available girl ready to buy your silence and her freedom in exchange for great sex? Now try to imagine that the victim is a gorgeous young girl and the thief is a horny guy ready to fulfill her sexual dreams or a skillful seducer, eager to satisfy his dark fantasies. She is so afraid and he is so aroused, she is shivering with fear and he is trembling with lust, she is about to lose her consciousness and he is about to lose his mind feeling the warmth of her skin and inhaling her scent of pure lust. Are you ready for your ultimate fantasy to come true? Enjoy breathtaking videos featuring adorable young girls getting all their holes savagely fucked by insatiable and extremely perverted thieves and get ready for great bonuses inside!


Valya was living in a not very good district. There were many bad guys around. And two robbers appeared recently. They were in her neighbors apartment two days ago. But naive girl thought that it would never happen to her. Valya's parents went to the village and the girl was sleeping alone in her bed, when suddenly she felt that someone was tickling her she woke up and saw two scary man standing beside her and rubbing their cocks. Though the situation was dangerous the girl turned very horny and fucked with them.



Robbery is not only profitable, but it's a pleasant business also. Two boys finished packing their bags with cash and now they could take care of the young girl who lived in that place. Look how this lewd wench works with her mouth and how eagerly she fucks with boys who have stolen everything from her flat. She pleased the thieves not only because she was afraid of them she didn't have sex for a long time and it was a good chance to satisfy all her holes.



Bad girl Kimberly has a rich imagination. One of her filthy fantasies was about threesome with two boys. So one day she asked her classmates for help and they agreed to make Kimberly's fantasy come true. So lewd babe was wating for her boys to come and didn't close the door to her appartment. Soon Kimberly heared someone talking at her bed. Two boys had masks on heir faces and it looked so hot. Horny bitch sucked their cocks and pleased them eagerly. She didn't know they were thieves, not her friends.



Inna invited her friend Lana and they were tanning topless on the balcony. Two beautiful ladies with sexy bodies enjoyed warm sun. They talked about clothes, shopping and their sexual fantasies. Meanwhile two bad guys were walking around Inna's place. They looked for something expencive and didn't know that there were two girls who could disturb their plans. Thieves heared steps and hid behind the stairs. When they saw almost naked girls they forgot about their important mission and wanted only to feel wet and tight holes of Inna and her friend.



Young lady Nora found that playing with pussy is a very pleasant thing. And one evening when there was no one at hoe she was sitting on the couch with her legs separate wide. The girl was sure that it was a perfect time for some wild masturbation. Horny babe moved away her panties and her fingers covered with saliva slowly slid between the pussy lips. Nora breathed so fast and deep, her fingers moved fast around the swollen clitoris. Suddenly the door to the room opened and scared Nora saw two men entering the room, usual girls would become scared, but Nora now wanted to play with them and in a moment her pussy was drilled by two meat poles.



Two robbers climbed into Nora's apartment for the second time. She was scared because it happened to her for the second time and they ordered her to undress. Luckily she was left alone for a moment and could call a police. The policeman was a very sexy woman and she looked gorgeous in her uniform. Before imprisoning the thieves lustful officer grabbed their dicks and started playing with them. The ordinary boring robbery turned to a wild fuck action. The dicks were very hard and tasty, both girls enjoyed playing with them and caught a strong multiple orgasms.



Here is the story about cute young babe and two sexually obsessed men who got into her house and stretched her holes with their erected sticks. Grace was sleeping and when she opened her eyes there were no clothes on her and two boys in masks were holding their dicks and waiting for her to start petting and licking them. Teen slut was afraid that thieves can do something bad to her that's why she fucked with them with great pleasure.



An ancient and very expensive painting was in the room of gorgeous Terry. And there were two guys who wanted to steal it. One dark night they came to her place and suddenly the girl, who was in the room watching pictures in the porn magazine noticed them and started screaming. When robbers tried to make her stop screaming one of them accidentally touched her pussy and felt that she was soaked with juice. Boys decided that they need to fuck horny Terry and she will stop screaming. The plan worked great, sexy babe played with their rods like a fuck hungry slut and let the robbers go.



Poor guy was not a very experiences in robbery and not very lucky as well. He has only came into the room full of jewelry when the owner of the flat came back with her girl friend. Shameless teen sluts were lesbians and started playing with their tits and pussies when the thief was hiding under the bed. The guy heard them moaning and he could even hear their tongues touching each other. Suddenly he sneezed and young ladies found him, they tried to make him go, but he could not leave two sexy, horny kittens with wet pussies alone without heavy pussy stretching.



A bit of a Christmas special here from Horny Thief Tales. This thief was shrewd enough to dress himself as Santa Claus to avoid suspicion, but then who believes in that anymore anyway? Besides, we don't remember Santa Claus with a sinister looking black ski mask on his face! This young babe is called Ira and she's all ready for Christmas. She's getting quite excited, but imagine her surprise when Santa turns out to be a burglar who actually wants to fuck her too! This scene ends with a lovely surprise at the end! This is what Christmas is all about isn't it?


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Rating: 9.21
Garcia is minding her own business reading a book on her sofa when two masked men quite literally jump her. She is so shocked that she doesn't know w…


Rating: 8.89
A bit of a Christmas special here from Horny Thief Tales. This thief was shrewd enough to dress himself as Santa Claus to avoid suspicion, but then w…


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Most young girls get horny when they dance. Robin loves music and today she turned her favorite playlist loud. Slim girl had only a huge t-shirt on ad…


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Here is a story about one girl and two perverted thieves. They came through the balcony door and wanted to take all the money young Katya had. But mon…


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You don't want to dream about getting fucked by two horny thieves, if you won't enjoy it, because dreams are very touchy and tend to come true, just l…


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When two thieves were stealing jewelries and other expensive things from the flat of one rich man they didn't know that there was a sexually obsessed …


Rating: 8.61
Valya was living in a not very good district. There were many bad guys around. And two robbers appeared recently. They were in her neighbors apartment…


Rating: 8.54
Nina is sitting pretty in her house when two horny thieves enter her room. They both show her their cocks and she drops to her knees to immediately gi…


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Penelope is a young and erotic blonde who is on her couch typing away on her laptop. Intruders break in and decide to have their way with her sexually…


Rating: 8.50
Dina doesn't seem as surprised as you might think she'd be when these guys break into her home to rob her. Maybe it's because she's so desperate for c…


Rating: 8.48
These guys in their black balaclavas didn't expect to find a beautiful young girl in the house they planned to rob. Well, what would you do? Exactly!…


Rating: 8.48
Robbery is not only profitable, but it's a pleasant business also. Two boys finished packing their bags with cash and now they could take care of the …


Rating: 8.45
That day Linda realized that fear is the strongest aphrodisiac ever applied to tender female body. As soon as she heard two young robbers breaking int…


Rating: 8.40
There was only one obstacle on the thieves' way to the precious treasure- sexy girl with red hair. They fucked teen bitch so hard, that her wet cunt w…


Rating: 8.40
When Sara walks into the lounge minding her own business and two thieves jump out on her from behind the door, she is frightened for her life. Howeve…


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